Metal shredders

Efficient metal recycling and recovery demands the best and most up-to-date technology. At Certi Recyclage, we put innovation at the heart of our work to enable you to get the most benefit from your scrap metals.

Our highly efficient shredder makes for a quick and thorough recycling of all type of metals, thanks to our unique process that guarantees a 100% recovery of all your metals.

The purchase price of metals depends on their market price.

We developed this process to ensure that 100% of your metals are recovered.

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How the shredder works

  • 1. Decontamination

    Cars and metals are all decontaminated. All oils, gas and other substances are cleaned out to get the highest quality of metal possible.

  • 2. Shredding

    Metals are then inserted in our shredder, one of the most efficient shredders in Quebec. It shreds, laminates and transforms all metals into chips.

  • 3. Sorting

    All chips are then sorted one more time to separate ferrous from non-ferrous metals. Alloys and other materials (plastics, etc.) are also set aside.

  • 4. Weighing

    We weigh the end product with our Measurement Canada certified scale for a fairer weight and price.

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