Auto Recycling

Certi Recyclage specializes in auto recycling of all types of out-of-use or damaged vehicles. We buy your cars and your trucks for parts and scrap metal. We specialize in:

  • damaged cars recovery
  • dismantling of parts
  • auto body shredding
  • decontamination before dismantling

Your vehicle will be treated and decontaminated according to the standards of the National Code of Practice for Automotive Recyclers Participating in the National Vehicle Recycling Program of Environment Canada.

A price will be given based on the vehicle’s overall condition, and the market price for metal. A vehicle is deemed complete if it still includes all its original components. Some components such as the engine, transmission, radiator, tires, wheels, the catalytic system, and batteries have a direct impact on the offered price.

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When you decide to dispose of your vehicle, you should choose a recognized recycling company that respects environmental regulations and also respects you. That’s why you’ll prefer Certi Recyclage to the rest!

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To evaluate your vehicle, we will need its weight, brand, model and identification number. All this information is written on your registrations papers provided by the SAAQ. Please use the above image as a reference.

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