Certi Recyclage is the only recycling center in Quebec that specializes both in auto recycling and metal recovery

Certi Recyclage is the only recycling center in Quebec that specializes both in auto recycling and metal recovery. We offer recycling solutions adapted to all residential, commercial, industrial or municipal needs, including:

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery (car body, aluminum, cover, scrap metal, metal components, etc.)
  • Recycling of out-of-use or damaged vehicles
  • Sales of cars and trucks
  • Scrapping
  • Self-service of used auto parts
  • Sales of tires



Certi is the only specialized recycling facility that handles both the recycling of vehicles and recycling of metals. It is a leader in the field of recovery, and processing of automobiles and metals. Our growth is focused on service, quality products at fair prices, modern facilities and a concern for the environment.

Our strength is a team that believes in innovation and the environment, always on the cutting edge of technology to be more respectful of environmental standards. Oriented towards sustainable environmental solutions. Innovation is at the heart of our business processes.


The Certi Recyclage Guarantee

  • 100% recovery of all metals
  • The best price for your car or scrap metals, every day
    • Proud partner of the Faites de l’Air (formerly Adieu Bazou)
    • Member of ARPAC

Our history

Certi was founded by Mr. Sylvain Parenteau, graduate mechanical engineer, following an expansion of its first Business (1989): a general mechanics center located in Montreal-North, Authorized CAA member and operating under the Autopro Banner. Mr. Parenteau created a separate division that specialized in repairing and rebuilding vehicle transmissions.

Mr. Parenteau acquired Leclerc Auto Parts located in ST-Élie d’ Orford. This auto recycling center was founded in the early 1960s by Mr. Jean-Marc Leclerc.

Membership ARPAC: Parts Recyclers Association of Car and Truck.

Accession to the AMVOQ: Merchants Association of Quebec Used Vehicle.

Restructuring of the business and creation of a metal recycling division, specialized in the recovery of ferrous metals as well as in non-ferrous metals.
Buying a tow truck, trucks, loaders, shovels, containers, … for metal recycling.
Installation of certified scales, approved by Weights and Measures Canada, and checked annually.

Accession to the Clean Air Foundation/Summerhill Impact for the recovery of mercury bulbs.

Purchase of our first electro-magnet for the recycling of metals.
Accession to the ACIR: Canadian Association of Recycling Industry.

Despite its grandfather clause rights, and concerned about its development and growth, on October 27th 2008, Certi has received a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORIZATION enabling it in recovery of end of life vehicles (ELV) and various metals. The Certification was issued by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks.

Certi added more than fifty containers and a shear specifically for cutting metals.
Official Partner of the Make Air Program.

Membership in “Here we recycle” program from Recyc-Quebec, to transform and recycle the most possible waste generated.

Expansion of our facilities by 30 000 sq2 to make the treatment of metals easier. Everything is now sorted inside.
Purchase of a automobile EZ-Crusher.
Purchase of a new scale of 80 ft long accredited Weights and Measures Canada.
Official partner of Recyc-Auto.

Received its certification ISO 9001:2008 Certification. Being the first automobile recycling to receive this certification.
Purchase of a new Baler Machine, a alligator shear, a SEDA System for fluid handing car and adding containers.
Certi Auto becomes Certi Recyclage. Recreating our corporation image. New name. New logo. New image.

Purchase of a metal shredder, currently the only one in the Eastern Township region.